SciFiFX Podcast #6

This is the sixth episode of the SciFiFx Podcast. We hope that you enjoy it and we hope that you will contact us via email at or voice mail at (313) 437-2434.

Show Notes:

Io9 – Reports David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman has been lassoed in by NBC.

Red Dwarf to return for a new series

Duke Nukem Forever is coming in May

‘Locke & Key’ TV Series

Wow.  The internet’s a-buzz with the news of Qui-Gon coming to Clone Wars, and the haters are out en masse.  It’s like I’m the only one out there that’s actually psyched about this.

Official release date for the SW blu-ray saga is Sept. 27.


Syfy renews Sanctuary for fourth season

SGU – One point of view – This is something that I think we all know/or have said in some way, but did not have a clear way to put to words.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate approves new Sherlock Holmes story. Anthony Horowitz, the author os stories about teenage spy Alex Ride, has been chosen to write the full-lenght novel, which will be published by Orion in September.

More theaters try to lure more people in with more spacious seating and full menus.

The year 2011, according to Thomas Edison in 1911

UPDATE: Blue Beetle, Booster Gold Cast in Smallville

Dredd Riding His Lawmaster Bike

Another Spriderman Suite, this one is stunt version caught while filming:

SciFiFX SciCon – Ship – White Star

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