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SGU Resurgence

After picking up a strange radiation signature about a day’s journey off of Destiny’s prescribed path, Young and Rush decide to investigate. What they find is a long-dead battle scene: Two races fought each other and left a field of wrecked ships behind them. Brody, Greer and Scott board a shuttle and head to a nearby battleship, but find nothing of use. As they go deeper into the bowels of the ship, Young and the Destiny crew see some of the debris stirring, as if coming back from life. Recon from Destiny tells them that one side of the battle was fought exclusively using drones – dormant when Destiny appeared, but awakened by her presence. The away team hurry back to Destiny, but in the time it takes their shuttle to dock, Destiny has sustained significant damage, and the FTL drives are knocked offline.

A remarkable call saves them: It’s Telford, contacting them from aboard the seed ship where he was abandoned. Telford leads them through a star and tells them that the aliens they found on the seed ship – called Ursini – were not hostile, and he slowly learned to communicate with them. They were one side of the original battle, and they need Destiny’s help in order to get back to their own home. Since the seed ship could take the Destiny crew back to Earth, the clear option is to cooperate. The crew prepares to engage in the plan devised by the Ursini: Using the docking mechanism of the two ships, the Ursini will bring Destiny via FTL to a safe location where they can repair any damage. Then, when the ship is ready, they’ll all head back to the battlefield to defeat the drones so that the Ursini can access their mother ship and get home.

Eli fills Chloe in on the details, and she insists that the Ursini can’t be trusted, but they have no other option. Soon, the plan is in motion – the FTL/docking mechanism works like a charm, but there’s a surprise: The Ursini have skipped a crucial step and dropped Destiny in the middle of the hostile drones to battle it out in their weakened state. Chloe asks Eli to let her help. With Destiny on the verge of annihilation, he agrees. The two head toward the bridge, but when the guard to Chloe’s door tries to interfere, Chloe slams the man against the wall, knocking him unconscious. She speeds out of the care of Eli, who immediately radios that she has escaped. Brody attempts to isolate her, but with her stunning strength and technical knowledge, she’s able to breeze through containment. Scott finally finds her standing at a console and orders her to step away, but she ominously tells him that it’s too late.

Source: syfy.com