New Gallifrey Audio Series Announced!

Straight off the Big Finish New Presses:

Five years after the last instalment of Gallifrey audio adventures, Big Finish Productions is pleased to announce that the series will be returning for a new four-part mini-series, picking up where the climactic events of series three left off.

Recording on the first two stories was completed in early September, and saw Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson reunited as the Doctor’s former travelling companions Romana and Leela. Also returning are Miles Richardson as Irving Braxiatel, Sean Carlsen as Co-ordinator Narvin and John Leeson as K-9.

‘It’s so great being back with the old Big Finish crowd for this mini-series,’ says producer Gary Russell, ‘and working again with some of my favourite people. Making the first three Gallifreys always was one of my most favourite experiences, so to do it again is fantastic. And it’s a real honour to come back refreshed and reinvigorated, and find out exactly what this particular group of characters is up to now.’

The series opens with Gallifrey Reborn by Gary Hopkins, which sees Gallifrey on the brink of an all-consuming war across the cosmos. Justin Richards then picks up the adventure in Gallifrey Disassembled, where Romana and her companions find themselves on the run from the High Council’s temporal assassins, with only an old friend able to protect them.

Next up is Gallifrey Annihilation by Scott Handcock and Gary Russell, where Romana and Leela find themselves plunged into an age-old war between the True Lords of Gallifrey and their Ancient Enemy. The series then concludes with Gallifrey Eternal by Emmy Award-winning screenwriter David Wise, which poses our heroes with an impossible sacrifice as their stories come to an unexpected conclusion.

‘What’s especially great about this series,’ continues Gary, ‘has been the way script editor Scott Handcock and I have worked with our writers to create a whole new platform to launch this series forward. If you loved Gallifrey before, then this will make you happy again. But if you’ve never heard the series, this one is a great jumping-on point. Everything you need to know is summed up at the start – this series is about moving our gang forwards, not backwards.’

Cast members for the series include Sarah Douglas, Brian Miller, Mary Tamm and Colin Baker, who makes a special guest appearance as the Doctor.

‘The Doctor’s back on Gallifrey,’ confirms Gary, ‘and Romana, K-9 and Leela couldn’t be happier to see him. It’s been a long time since they had any contact with the Doctor and he’s utterly delighted to see them. And, with episodes three and four still due to record, I’m hoping Colin won’t be the last voice from Doctor Who’s illustrious past that we bring to the series.”

Gallifrey IV is scheduled for release in March 2011, in a lavish five-disc box set.

If you like political intrigue, imagine that with most of the characters in the story having access to time travel and temporal weaponry.   Yeah thats Gallifrey, and I personally can’t wait to hear this.