First Look: RoboCop’s New Look Sep17


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First Look: RoboCop’s New Look

I was so excited for the rebooted RoboCop when I first saw the upgraded ED-209.  It was faithful to the original, but looked like it was on steroids.  I had hoped for something a little less drastic for RoboCop himself, but figured it might be something close to the original.

I was so wrong. has posted the first pics of the new RoboCop, and we’re passing them along just on account.












According to reports, the armor plates are movable like he’s some kind of Transformer or Inspector Gadget.  And I can only hope the right hand being visible is because it’s a behind the scenes shot because I have fond memories of the whole “legally he’s dead; we can do what ever we want” rationale behind Murphy losing the arm in the first place.

Say what you will, I think the classic look holds up to this day.  What do you think of this new version?  Sound off below.