Alternate Start to Avengers Movie Aug29


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Alternate Start to Avengers Movie

Everyone has to admit Joss Whedon done a pretty darn good job with Avengers. But recently a video has surfaced that shows an alternate opening with Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulder, as she is being debriefed, and it’s quite obvious that she’s a bit pissed off. Could it be that her and Nick don’t get along as well as it appeared they did in the Avengers movie.

I’m looking forward to the DVD release that I suspect will have more of this type tension between the two S.H.I.E.L.D. members, and I’m betting there will be a few, or at least one, alternate beginning with a much darker tone. According to Joss Whedon, he cut a lot of this out in the editing room. But, as with the other scenes that have leaked out, including a lot of the gag reel I look forward to seeing, all of it in high quality blu-ray.