Movie Review: Pacific Rim Jul12


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Movie Review: Pacific Rim

PACIFIC RIMI enjoyed the show, what’s not to like about large lizards from a worm hole come to destroy earth’s occupants. They meet with Charlie Hunnam (from Sons of Anarchy) playing Raleigh Becket and his brother Diego Klattenhoff playing Yancy Becket… They both really perform well. Ron Perlman (Also from Sons of Anarchy) playing Hannibal Chau, the gangster in control of the black market and putting on one of his best performances. Then to top it off a very good performance from Rinko Kikuchi playing the damaged little girl, full of revenge and fill in partner for Raleigh. Idris Elba playing the commander named Stacker Pentecost put on a Nick Ferry style performance.

The action was pretty much non-stop, but it was not overdone, or hard to believe. In the end it was the same plot as 1000’s of alien invasion movie that came before it, but they gave it a little more realness and managed to hold most of the details together. I really enjoyed it, and was very glad to see it on the big screen as the special effects are top notch. This is a must go see in the theater.