Podcast #87 – Film Preservation

This week we discuss the current state of Film Restoration, and some of the “improvments” that are being done to films when they are being restored.  We go into some of the changes that we have seen so far in DVD/Blu-Ray re-mastering of films/shows; including Star Wars, Star Trek, James Bond, and of course Doctor Who.

Some of the articles we reference can be found here:
With 35mm Film Dead, Will Classic Movies Ever Look the Same Again?

Request Denied: Lucas Refuses to Co-Operate with Government Film Preservation Organizations

The Greatest Speech Against the Special Edition was from George Lucas

The Doctor Who Restoration Team

In Big Dog’s Fireside Chat, he asks that if you can afford to, please donate a toy or some cash to Toys for Tots, to help a less fortunate child have a Happy Christmas.

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