Review: Waterworld – 100 Days of Sci-Fi Oct09


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Review: Waterworld – 100 Days of Sci-Fi

I just finished watching Waterworld from 1995 and couldn’t help being fascinated by the actual storyline of the Earth’s polar ice caps melting and everything being underwater. Kevin Costner, who plays a mutated mariner, fights to stay alive while battling starvation and outlaws, referred to as the smokers. He reluctantly gets involved with helping a woman and a young girl try to find dry land. When I say reluctantly, I mean it – very reluctantly.

The premise of the show is actually pretty interesting as you realize that he is mutated and began the transformation to live on the ocean and not be dependent upon land, although this transformation is not totally complete at this point, so he still has his abilities to walk and live above water. As the story goes he is captured by a group, and a lady and her young girl helped him escape, with the smokers attached to this group in exchange for him taking them along with him.

Once they finally escape, he proceeds to teach them some manners of how to treat other people’s property. At one point, it was quite entertaining: he cut off the woman’s hair as a punishment for not listening, as he turns he finds crayons writing on one of the boat’s masts, which sets him off again, and he cuts the little girl’s hair to match. It was one of those hard love lessons, and you got the feeling that they had found a new respect for the captain of the boat.

The smokers are endlessly on their boats tracking them down in an attempt to locate the little girl. It is rumored that she has a map to dry land and, as you know, that would be very valuable. They go through several different attacks including a plane strafing them, in which each time he has a unique solution to the problem, and somehow everything almost all goes right, but something always goes wrong.

Eventually he shows the girls that the world is just under their feet, and all the great cities that used to be are now underwater. As he takes the woman down for a view to show her “land” he takes her by the iconic Statue of Liberty, only to return to the vessel and find out that the smokers have arrived and are looking for the little girl, who is nowhere to be found.

As said, it’s a good premise with fairly decent in the implementation. I rate Waterworld a 6.5 out of a possible score of 10. This is a continued series of review in my “100 Days of Sci-Fi” series, and I hope that you’ll read some of my other reviews and provide me with some feedback with your thoughts.