Doctor Who Spearhead From Space Blu-Ray


It has been wondered, rumored, and teased about for years, and now next year it will become a reality. The most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine had a list of the DVD/Blu-Ray releases for 2013. And low and behold a Blu-Ray release for Spearhead From Space is slated for release in June of 2013. Don’t worry this isn’t the start of the BBC re-releasing all the classic series on Blu-Ray. Spearhead From Space is the only classic Doctor Who that was shot entirely on film. All the other classic series episodes were either shot entirely on video tape, or are a mix of film and tape. The BBC and the Doctor Who Restoration Team feel that the tape would not benefit anymore from an upscale than your DVD or Blu-Ray player can accomplish on its own.



I can’t say enough good about this story.  It’s the first color Doctor Who story, the first Jon Pertwee story, the introduction of the Autons, Liz Shaw, and the beginning of the Doctor’s exile to earth after the Time Lord’s forced him to regenerate.  This is an excellent story and I am glad that it will be getting the Blu-Ray treatment.  It will contain all the bonus materials that were on the Special Edition DVD, plus two new documentaries looking into the lives and careers of Jon Pertwee and Caroline John.