Alan Moore a Pre-History

Most people interested in the comics world and about movies based on said comics are familiar with the seminal works of Alan Moore.  Those works include Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and V for Vendetta.  Before that in 1980 he wrote a comic strip for Doctor Who Weekly.  Doctor Who Weekly consisted of 2 comics strips and several articles.

Moore did not write the main strip which included further adventures of the Doctor.  He wrote the backup strip which consisted of stories containing the various monsters from the Doctor Who universe.  These strips were very wrong as with many of the little Doctor Who comic strips from the 60s-80s were as far as official Doctor Who cannon goes, but they were fun.

The primary artist on Alan Moore’s run on Doctor Who Weekly was David Lloyd.  It was while working together on Doctor Who that Moore and Lloyd began work on V for Vendetta.

One of my favorite Doctor Who authors Lance Parkin has covered the subject of Alan Moore’s work on the Doctor Who strips far better than I ever could in an essay for Comics Forum.  It is the first in a series of essays about Moore’s shorter works under the main title of “Rummaging Around In the Shorts of Alan Moore“, guest edited by Dr. Maggie Grey.

Check Out Lance Parkin’s essay here.