Sunday Afternoon With My DVR and Indiana Jones

Well it’s Sunday afternoon, the podcast is over, and you have nothing left to do but watch TV. I trust the great DirecTV DVR that it will have something that I want to see. Well of course that doesn’t mean anything there’s nothing to watch. So in desperation, I pull up your TV Guide and you find on the SyFy Channel Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Batman Begins, and District 9. Loving war movies as I do I also noticed The Great Escape, Clash of the Titans, on HBO I notice something else, and on Cinemax, Vampires Suck, Recoil, and I realize maybe it’s time to reprogram my DVR.

As you know DVR changed the way all of us watch TV. I know that there was a time when I had the patience to sit and watch something on live TV and use the commercials for getting drinks, running to the bathroom, and other miscellaneous errands. Nowadays though I don’t have the patience for that anymore. Nowadays I turn the TV on with the above list available for me to watch. And what do I do, well, I started a couple of items recording, and of course Indiana Jones has to be first on my list. And I go to my computer to write an article to tell you guys all about it.

I’m not sure how many of these have the re-watch ability that I would like, so that I can have something worth watching. But, I’m kind of surprised to see that there’s so much on a Sunday afternoon for me to choose from. I need to spend a little bit more time working on my DVR, and a less time watching TV shows each week so that I have something worth watching every time I sit down. As I said, DVR has changed the way I watch TV, and I imagine it has done so for most people in that, whenever they decide to create TV where all the channels are commercial free, I personally am willing to pay just a little bit more for it.

Now let’s talk a little bit about what’s in my DVR for me to watch each week. Of course there’s Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Nikita, True Blood, Grimm, Mythbusters, Eureka, Justified, House, Fringe, and a few others that I’m getting caught up on including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Supernatural, and my random visits to the DVR directory for movies. Not to mention I’m sure there’s a few that I forgot.

There’s no way 15 years ago I could’ve watched this much TV. There’s no way that 15 years ago if I had watched this much TV, I could’ve done it without disrupting every single day of my life. Now as you can see, during season I can still watch hours and hours of TV but do it in the hours and hours that I have free and available. I don’t know what else they’ve got in store for us, but DVR is definitely one of these technologies that changed the way we watch TV forever. And Time Warner has an additional technology that may change it yet again. It’s a variation of DVR called On-Demand. This just automatically records things for you, making them available whenever you want to watch. So for example when I took my trip to LA, I got hooked on Game of Thrones because it had every season and every episode waiting for me.

At this point I’m sure that I have enough Indiana Jones recorded, and I should return to the TV and get on with the ant scene that is about to begin, and who wants to miss the awesome giant ant scene? Please let me know your thoughts, send me an e-mail, write me a message and let me know what’s on your DVR and how it’s changed your TV watching experience.