Warning Daleks Ahead

“Warning Daleks Ahead”,  is what an electronic construction sign along Arapahoe Road in Boulder Colorado read from Tuesday, May 22nd until mid-day Wednesday.

A road construction sign on eastbound Arapahoe Road in Boulder was hacked Tuesday night by “Doctor Who” fans. (Photo by: Matt Sebastian / Daily Camera)

City of Boulder officials said Wednesday that the sign is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

CDOT spokeswoman Ashley Mohr:

“It was locked, so we’re not quite sure how folks were able to break into it,” she said. “But we’re looking into it.”

A similar incident occurred last year when a sign was changed to read “ZOMBIES AHEAD”, but that time CDOT workers had accidentally left the message-entry box unlocked.

I don’t know about you, but if a sign warned me about Daleks ahead, I would probably turn around and find an alternate route.