Warehouse 13 Christmas Preview

Warehouse 13: The Greatest Gift Preview

Episode Description:

Pete inadvertently activates an artifact that creates an alternate reality where he never existed. To restore reality as he knows it, Pete must track down his friends, who have new lives and no memory of him.


Warehouse 13 is one of my favorites on SyFy, because the episodes are always fun.  Their Christmas Episode is based of The Greatest Girft/It’s A Wonderful Life.  So you can pretty much guess how it goes.

After activating an artifact in the Warehouse’s Isle of Noel by accident Pete is erased from existence, and he gets to see how the would have turned out if he had never joined the Warehouse.  It’s a pretty standard Christmas Episode, what makes it worthwhile is getting to see alternate versions of all the characters.

The best thing for me in this one was seeing that the infamous Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story is an artifact in the Warehouse!  I wonder what it does?


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