Doctor Who Shada Novelization

Cover art for the Fan made Shada Novelization

Available in the UK on March 15th 2012 will be Doctor Who: Shada.  That’s right Shada, intended to be the final serial of the 1979-80 season (Season 17), but was never completed due to a strike at the BBC during filming.  Oh and did I mention it was written by The Douglas Adam’s, yep of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fame.  The serial was only ever released on video with linking narration provided by Tom Baker.  But a Target Novelization was never published.  Now some 32 years later the script has been novelized by Gareth Roberts writer of Doctor Who episodes The Lodger and Closing Time.  Shada will be available in both Hardback and Paperback.

I haven’t seen the cover art, but I hope they went with something that will blend well with the old Target Doctor Who Novelizations.  Either way it’s in my pre-order cart as soon as has it.


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