Weekly Sci-Fi Junkie News Letter

This week I checked out sites that keep some of the coolest stuff that I have never noticed or seen prior to this writing of the article. I often find myself looking for new things in the Sci-Fi world but never seem to know where to look, so this week I checkout good old Google for a few things that I did not know existed.

First one found was the Stargate Wiki .. Now this site has some really cool details and about all the shows, including movies, games, literature, soundtracks, cast, planets, races, technology and more.


That got me thinking about of wiki sites that may exist, so I started looking for other sites they included


Then there was a wiki that covers the Doctor Who, including shows like Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and K9. Just like normal wiki anyone can edit but it would appear that they spend a lot of time keeping things current.
I’m sure there are many more, but I do not have time to find them all cause once I find them I spent hours playing on them and get nothing done. Also they are a great resource to keep in mind when you are looking for something in the future.

Now back to work in the layout for our coming podcast … Yes that it correct next month SciFiFX.com is starting a podcast just as soon as I can get some of the details worked out. If you would like to be invited to join a Skype recorded session for the podcast please email me at matt@scififx.com your email, name and phone number or Skype address so that I can get something scheduled. Please keep in mind that we cannot invite everyone so thanks for submitting your requests!

Matt the Sci-Fi Junkie