Podcast 102 – 3-D Printers

This week we discuss how real technology is getting closer to Star Trek Replicator technology.  We now have the capability to print just about any 3 dimensional object you can imagine out of plastic.  and the printers are getting cheaper all the time.  They are constantly developing new materials the printers can use as well.  We even have the ability to print buildings now.  With the 3Doodler you can draw in 3 dimensions in the air.

On top of that scientists are hard at work to print things like skin, ears, and organs for transplant and are making huge strides all the time.

This technology also opens all kinds of legal and moral questions though.  Listen in as we ramble on about 3-D printers, and let us know what your thoughts are on the subject.  E-mail in your thoughts to podcast@scififx.com or leave us a voice mail at 313-437-2434

It’s a pen that operates like a 3D printer, but lets you free form draw in the air!

A 3D printer that uses sand to print buildings.

3D printing Guns.

3-D printing of organs.

Makerbot’s Thingiverse, a collection of 3-D patterns that are free to download