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I want to tell everyone that our fellow Geekdom Nation site, the Fellowship of the Geeks, have started their second official Comic Craziness!  

For those of you that aren’t aware of what that is,  much like March Madness in the basketball world, the Fellowship comprise a list of heroes vs. heroes and villians vs. villains into brackets.   Each week they set out the list of fights you can vote on, winners move to the next section of the brackets until the final showdown.   They’ve set out a nice list of prizes for those who could in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd donated by some rather generous comic book companies.  

Last year, I came in second place with the next to closest amount of winner’s picks.  I’m trying for first this year!   I have to say, I had to do a lot of homework on some of these characters to pull off my votes, but it was fun and well worth it.    The rules to the game are posted on the website link which is provided below.  One rule I want to stress a lot is when voting, do not go with your favorite character or comic company as a winner automatically.   If a character is a clear cut winner, explain why you actually believe so.  No “just ’cause they’re cool.”   This is a fun competition, and I personally go through details on why I believe my picks win!

The other rule I want to talk about, which does me proud, is the Big Dog rule!  Last year, I had the villains swiping the other villains toys when their opponents were defeated.   I certainly had a lot of fun doing that, and from the sounds of it they were getting a kick out of reading what these baddies were doing with them.  However, this time around they put a stop to that.   No worries, it was fun while it lasted, but in true villain style I ruined for everyone!  MWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

In any case, I hope to hear about some other entries soon.   These guys put a lot of work into this and I’m proud to participate in ,what I hope to be, this annual event! 

Go here and let the voting begin!